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I met Bobbi when she moved into Idaho. She was getting ready to have her baby Matt, and she had her black Lab and her Lab was wonderful. She was wonderful to get to know, and it was interesting hearing all her stories. I learned how she was able to get her black Lab back to America. How she survived in Iran, and why she now lives where she does. I do miss her company and am so thankful she has started doing these books so that her background is not lost. I was heartbroken when Bahnoo, her black Lab. She was such a wonderful companion, and Matt lost his best protector.
Posted By: Jane D Toupin
Twin Falls, Idaho
Shocking stories about passengers and crews.
Posted By: Johnny Wiseman
Captain, World Airways
Delivered on its promise of sex, humor, and terror as encountered on flights during the 1970's.
Posted By: Cheryl Peyton
Author, Murder on Bedford Island
Well written by a pioneer in aviation’s infancy.
Recommend reading about living life from a mile high.
Posted By: Paula Moore
Captain U.S. Navy (ret.)
Life on the other side of the smile was an education worth more than money could buy.
Posted By: Peter Friedman
Captain, United Airlines
Captures the essence of the era…our adventures and our innocence.
Posted By: Kathy Kane
Flight Attendant Kathy Kane, Trans International Airways
Gripping tales of intense flights and outrageous passengers
Posted By: Jerry Sedik
-Captain, American Airlines
A must read for anyone with a love of life. Humorous, heartwarming, and exciting.
A page turner.
Posted By: Carla Schulte Reinking
- Flight Attendant , Saturn Airways

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