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Excerpts of My Books

Enjoy the excerpts from my various books. Just click on image to view.


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Behind the Smile Audio Sampler Bobbi Phelps Wolverton

What My Readers Say

Jane D Toupin
Twin Falls, Idaho
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Captures the essence of the era…our adventures and our innocence....

Kathy Kane
Flight Attendant Kathy Kane, Trans International Airways
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Life on the other side of the smile was an education worth more than money could buy....

Peter Friedman
Captain, United Airlines
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Well written by a pioneer in aviation’s infancy. Recommend reading about living life from a mile high....

Paula Moore
Captain U.S. Navy (ret.)
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Delivered on its promise of sex, humor, and terror as encountered on flights during the 1970's....

Cheryl Peyton
Author, Murder on Bedford Island
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Shocking stories about passengers and crews....

Johnny Wiseman
Captain, World Airways
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A must read for anyone with a love of life. Humorous, heartwarming, and exciting. A page turner....

Carla Schulte Reinking
- Flight Attendant , Saturn Airways
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Gripping tales of intense flights and outrageous passengers...

Jerry Sedik
-Captain, American Airlines
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