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Darien Waters

DARIEN WATERS, set in a beautiful waterside suburb of New York City, follows one woman's journey from innocent childhood to life as an independent young adult. It reflects simpler times when parents turned their children loose to roam the fields and woods, to bicycle to the beach, and to sled on snow-covered hillsides. Young kids had no plans or schedules; parents left them to their own devices. DARIEN WATERS portrays amusing, dramatic, historical, and sometimes uncomfortable, accounts of life in an affluent town with stories of wealth, secrets, schemes, and intrigue.


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“Bobbi Phelps, an award-winning author, again proves why her writing is so compelling. The raw honesty on display as she grows from toddler to teen and beyond exposing her failures and triumphs is vivid and dramatic, yet anchored in seemingly everyday activities. DARIEN WATERS is a narrative sweep that’s both informative and entertaining.”

-TILMER WRIGHT, JR., award-winning author of THE BIT DANCE

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